250CC Organic Liquid Worm Fertilizer

250CC Organic Liquid Worm Fertilizer


Benefits of Liquid Organic Worm Fertilizer

1. organic and all natural

2. environmentally friendly

3. re-establish soil and plant health

4. de-toxify soils

5. increase soil fertility

6. increase resistance to pests attacks

7. increase resistance to disease attacks

8. chemical free

9. stronger plant growth

10. increased flowering

11. increased water holding capacity of soil by up to 30%

12. use on any plant as all natural and organic

13. improves fruit and flowers

14. helps to de-compact compacted soil

15. adds beneficial biology back into soil and on to plant leaf surfaces

16. minerals and nutrient in plant available form

17. all the benefits of compost in a liquid form

18. cost efficient

Worm castings are the most nutrient rich fertilizer known to man, stimulating plant growth more than any other natural product on the market. They are pure, natural, and organic, making earthworm castings one of the most highly sought after organic fertilizers today, as more people seek to grow organic and healthy plants in their gardens. Worm castings are the original natural fertilizer put in place by the Creator since the beginning of time, discovered by man to be extremely beneficial in the plant and gardening world.


As composting worms consume organic substances, they excrete tiny pellets called worm castings, also known as natural or organic fertilizer. Organic gardeners rely on this natural fertilizer because it balances the soil’s PH and helps retain moisture. Plants love organic fertilizer made from worm castings! Worm Castings have 5-11 times more nitrogen, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, potash, and magnesium than topsoil, along with many other trace elements and micro-nutrients, such as manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, borax, iron, carbon and nitrates. This fertilizer is naturally balanced, full of bio-accessible nutrients. Each of these nutrients has been naturally processed as the earthworms digest the organic matter in soil, to change it into a more concentrated and easily absorbed form than naturally available in plain soil. The minerals are water-soluble and time-released, so they are easily available to the plant when the plant needs them, both immediately and long-term. This benefit is added to the castings during the amazing digestive process of the earthworm in which a special oil deposited on the castings. This layer erodes over a period of 2 months. So although the plant nutrients are immediately available, they are slowly released to last longer. In addition the earthworms deposit beneficial soil microbes in their castings which work symbiotically with plant roots to assist them in extracting nutrients from the soil. One more benefit! Worm castings are ALIVE with beneficial bacteria and other organisms that actually pull additional nutrients from the air.


Earthworm castings can provide performance above and beyond that of artificial commercial fertilizers, or even many natural fertilizers. At the same time, it is completely safe to all plants, animals and people in any concentration. In fact, when used in greater concentration than produced in nature, it has been found that worm castings have great benefits, including :


Vigorous Plant Growth

Fibrous Root System Stimulation

Improved Soil Aeration

Provides Beneficial Control Over Plant Pathogens and Harmful Roots-eating Nematodes

Yes, worms castings are the most safe and natural fertilizer available. Worm castings are safe to handle and contain no chemical or unpleasant odor, as some may worry, just the slight scent of rich, fertile all natural soil, similar to the wonderful smell in a forest after a rain. The bacteria in the alimentary canal of the earthworm transforms the organic waste they consume, producing this terrific natural fertilizer. The chemical changes that the organic wastes undergo include deodorizing and neutralizing. This means that the pH of the castings is 7 (neutral) and the castings are odorless. The worm castings also contain the bacteria, so the process is continued in the soil, and microbiological activity is promoted. This organic fertilizer is safe! There is no need to fear overuse or misuse, they will not burn tender pants and roots, killing the plants off, as commercial fertilizers can. So you can rest assured using worm castings in your garden, potted plants, anywhere you grow you favorite vegetables or flowers, they are safe, natural, and beneficial!


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